Brett Tullos

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Hi, I am Brett Tullos and I was born and raised right here in Cabot, Arkansas and I am a Cabot High School alumni. I began my ministry as an online campus pastor for Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Cabot, and began supply preaching in Churches nearby shortly after God called me in to ministry. I am married to my beautiful wife Amy, and I have 3 kids, Kelcie, Mallory and Dodge, who are all grown and out of the house now, and I have 3 beautiful grandchildren named Asher, Remi Kate,and Cash. We are blessed to be a part of the ministry here at Destiny Cowboy Church and we so look forward to all that God is going to do here! Yes there was a time in my life, that i thought I would never be a pastor, but God has a way of working through each of us and through the lives of others that he directs in our path, and helps to equip us, encourage each of us, and gives us the tools we need to do the job that he calls us to. Alot of us just choose not to be willing to be used, because we think we can't do whatever it is that he lays in front of us. I was that guy for a long time, but for the last several years I have realized that God can do anything he wants and use anyone he wants, regardless of how insignificant we feel we are. So I decided that i just needed to make my self available, and allow God the opportunity to work, and he has showed up everytime, and used me for things and in ways I personally thought were never possible. It's important that we remember who our God is, and how big our God is, and that if we humble ourselves and allow him the opportunity, we can all be warriors for Christ and do things we never imagined possible. Come and dream with us and allow God the opportunity to work in you, and change you into the person he desires for you to be! I promise you wont' regret it!